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Genesis Products offers a wide range of liquid measurement products that vastly increase accuracy.  Our Sample Scoops allow the product to flow up the scoop into the valve and close to the suction head of the sampling pump.  The continuous flow up and around the head means that at the time of cycling of the sampling pump you are receiving as close a representative sampling of the pipeline as possible.  There is no other product on the market that offers the accuracy and consistency of Genesis Products Sampling Systems.



Density Measurement Problems Include:


  • Poor Flow to Densitometer - Lack of Scoops
  • Non-Representative Product
  • No or Poor Proving Systems
  • DCF Fluctuations
  • Slow Interface Response
  • Pump Problems
  • Multiple design flaws

GJS (Genesis Jetting Scoop)


GPS (Genesis Products Scoop)


GWS (Genesis Waffer Scoop)