Densitometer Calibration

We Offer:

  • Densitometer Calibration Services
  • Density Master Meter Proving Kits
  • Accuracy for multiple fluids
  • DCF with accuracy of 0.0004 g/cc
  • Metering & LACT skids
  • Annual Contracts available!DCAL's First Testing Loop is pictured below:


Verified that all densitometers drift off of their original DCF with changes in pressure and temperature now have the capability to do multiple fluids at all ranges of pressures and temperatures.

All densitometers can be calibrated to an accuracy of 1.0e-5g/cc
Meter can be used for proving instead of the Pycnometer
Where do you find one that is functional and accurate?

  • Anton-Paar L-Dens

The use of Densitometers is wide spread over many different industries.  The article below will be covering installation and operation of densitometers with regards to the petroleum pipeline industry.  In this area, the densitometer is used to determine various specifics of the transmitted product in the pipeline. They are used to monitor flowing density of non-custody transfers, fluid mix interfaces, custody transfers and other applications.